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Because ultraviolet rays can penetrate and harm the skin to the deepest layers. Directly affects the youthfulness of the skin. The skin's natural regeneration cycle is slowed down. The skin therefore looks more aging. Does not look bright Dark spots of age begin to accumulate. Lancome

has tested and applied advanced UV protection and unique anti-pollution technologies to create its products. Enhanced with Pro-Xylane™, which has outstanding properties in slowing down skin aging. The sunscreen product ABSOLUE UV GLOBAL YOUTH PROTECTING CARE comes in a smooth and fine texture. Gives a feeling of lightness and comfort on the skin It also helps the skin look smooth, beautiful, radiant, like the color of pearls.

• After use, the skin will immediately feel moisturized and feel protected.
• The skin looks radiant. Skin color looks more consistent.
• Skin looks smooth. Soft to the touch.
• The skin is protected and dark spots caused by UV rays appear to reduce with continued use. For skin that looks radiant and youthful.
The soft, smooth texture coats the skin like a protective shield that protects the skin from damaging UV rays, but also leaves the skin feeling light and comfortable.​
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PDP Reviews
PDP Reviews
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